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Specialized Habilitation helps people learn or maintain a range of life skills in any of the following categories; Self-Empowerment, Safety Awareness and Self Advocacy, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Effective Social Communication, Coping Strategies for Everyday Life Challenges, Managing Daily Tasks and Learning New Skills, etc.

Specialized Habilitation supports can help individuals enhance their well-being, create healthy relationships, navigate challenges, and improve their overall quality of life. Unlike behavioral health services, no diagnosis is required; service plans are focused on specific goals the person wants to work on.

Habilitation, Music Therapy

Services provide a variety of interventions designed to maximize the functioning of persons with developmental disabilities. Services may include but are not limited to habilitative therapies, special developmental skills, behavior intervention, and sensorimotor development. This service is provided in response to outcomes identified by the Division member’s planning team [e.g., Individual Support Plan (“ISP”) team] which may be achieved through the utilization of music as a modality. This service may only be provided by a Board Certified Music Therapist (“MT-BC”).

Service Goals

  • Facilitate the removal of barriers related to social interaction and independent functioning through the techniques available from a music therapist.

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