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At Arizona Family Health Services LLC, we strive to provide our members with a variety of programs designed to help our members who live with family or other caregivers or on their own succeed in their home environment and participate more fully in community life. Our specially trained staff provide services tailored to each individual’s needs and goals, including:

ATC: Attendant Care

This service provides our qualified members with needed support and services for them to remain in their home and/or participate in work/community activities.

Service Goals

  • To assist the member in attaining or maintaining safe and sanitary living conditions and/or maintaining personal cleanliness and activities of daily living.
  • To assist the member in remaining in his/her home and/or participate in community activities

HAH: Habilitation Support Hourly

This service provides a variety of interventions designed to maximize the functioning of persons with developmental disabilities. Services may include, but are not limited to, habilitative therapies, special developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensorimotor development.

Services are designed to assist Division members in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings. The services include the provision of training in independent living skills or special developmental skills, orientation and mobility training, sensorimotor development, and behavioral management.

Service Goals

  • To enable the member to acquire knowledge and skills and be a valued member of his/her community based on his/her own choices.
  • To provide training to increase or maintain the member’s self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills to live and participate with his/her family in the community.
  • To assist the member in achieving and maintaining a quality of life that promotes the member’s vision for the future and priorities.
  • To adjust the dependence on this service as natural supports become available in the member’s home and/or community.
  • To encourage and develop the identification and use of natural supports and reduce the need for this paid support.

HSK: Homemaker/Housekeeping

This is a service that provides assistance in the performance of routine household activities at an individual’s place of residence.

Service Goals

  • To preserve or improve the safety and sanitation of the member’s living conditions

RSP: Respite

This is a service that provides short-term care and supervision consistent with the health needs of our members to supplement care to provide a safe living environment and/or to support or relieve caregivers for the benefit of our member. Services are provided as a planned or unplanned non-routine interval of rest and/or relief to a family member or other unpaid person who resides with and provides ongoing care for our member.

Service Goals

  • To provide relief to a family member or person caring for a member.
  • To provide supervision either in or outside of the home, as well as to support the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of the member

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