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The Employment Service focuses on providing a variety of employment-related labor exchange services including, but not limited to, job search assistance, job referral, and placement assistance for job seekers, re-employment services to Unemployment Insurance claimants, and recruitment services for employers with job openings. The following employment services are delivered by the Agency;

TTE: Transition to Employment

A service that provides training in the meaning, value and demands of work and in the development of positive attitudes toward work.

Transition to Employment (“TTE”) is a service that provides a Division member with individualized instruction, training, and supports to promote skill development for integrated and competitive employment.

Members receiving this service are expected to gain and demonstrate job readiness skills and be referred for employment upon completion.

  • The Division expects that no less than fifty percent (50%) of members completing twelve (12) months of participation or their individualized training schedule, whichever comes first, will be referred for community integrated employment, including Employment Support Aide and/or Group Supported Employment services.
  • The Division expects that no less than twenty percent (20%) of members receiving this service will be referred for competitive employment without supports or Individual Supported Employment services.

Service Goals

  • To provide instruction, training, and support for the member to develop abilities, skills, and behaviors that will enable them to most fully realize his/her vocational aspirations including supporting the transition into a more independent employment setting.
  • To develop opportunities for the member to engage in unpaid work exploration and job shadowing experiences.
  • To assist the member in developing positive work habits, attitudes, skills, and work etiquette.

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