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Day Treatment and Training Services (Day Programs) provide training, supervision, and activities to a member to develop skills. This service is primarily offered in a community setting. It is intended to help members learn safety skills and socialize.

Transportation (Medically Necessary, Non-Emergency)

A service that provides or assists in obtaining various types of transportation for specific needs. This service provides non-emergency ground transportation as prior approved by the Division when transportation is not already required by the service specification. There are two (2) types of transportation: 1) scheduled, and 2) on demand.

  • “Scheduled” transportation is authorized when the Division member needs regular transportation to a day program service or an employment-related service.
  • “On demand” transportation is authorized when the member needs intermittent transportation to obtain an authorized service or to fulfill a mandatory obligation in the member’s planning document [e.g., Individual Support Plan (“ISP”)].

Service Goal

  • To increase or maintain self-sufficiency, mobility, and/or community access of members

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